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Shield and the Shadow:  The Horizon Cycle Book One

Shield and the Shadow

First Edition:  November 2014 


Curiouser and curiouser . . .


Hard times force sixteen-year-old Olli and her brother to move to sleepy Horizon Creek, and Olli’s biggest worry is that she, once again, won’t fit in.


And she doesn’t.


But when a mysterious shadow lurking in the woods draws out a strange power within her, she fears she’s losing her mind. Add to that tall, dark, and smoldering Brend, who can only speak in riddles, and she’s sure she's gone completely bonkers.


Yet day by day, Olli pieces together the truth. And what she finds changes everything she thought she knew--about the town, her family, even her own reflection.  


So when the shadow emerges, taking one life and threatening to take more, all Olli needs to do to save the mad boy she loves is to step through the looking glass and become the girl she sees on the other side . . .


And believe in a few impossible things.



Stoneheart and the Axe:  The Horizon Cycle Book 2 By A.M. Yates YA Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance

Stoneheart and the Axe

First Edition:  October 2015



What happens on the Island... Stays on the Island.


Horizon Island is a sleepy, little fishing community off the coast of Maine. In the summer, tourists flock to its picturesque wharf and explore its beautiful hiking trails. In the winter, the locals board up their shops and fight shape-shifting monsters.


Of course, this isn't in the brochures. 


They are Clan, a magical warrior race. And they are the only ones keeping the mysterious and murderous Terrors from overrunning the world. 


Nicia Silverthread doesn’t live on the Island, but she knows the truth about the Clan. She’s the daughter of an outcast. Although she has magic within her, she’s no warrior.


But when she learns her grandma is dying, Nicia is determined to see her one last time.


Sneaking back onto the Island is easy, but to leave...? 


All she has to do is break a few magically bound contracts, destroy a Terror unlike any other, catch a murderer before they strike again, find a flower on a mountain not-quite-of-this-world, and stop herself from falling for a fiance she never wanted in the first place. 


Definitely not in the brochure.

Stoneheart and the Axe:  The Horizon Cycle Book 2 By A.M. Yates YA Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance

Sparrow and the Dagger

Seventeen-year-old Aes has lived his entire life in backwater-central, Horizon Banks, Nebraska. Where nothing new happens. Ever. 


Until a couple of mysterious strangers show up. 


Now the drowsy streets of his small town are vanishing, literally, before his eyes. And he's haunted by dreams about living another life, in another world. The hot-and-cold daughter of the mayor tries to stab him, but she doesn't know why. Not to mention the birds... 


Whatever's going on, one thing's for sure, if Aes doesn't find a way out of his small town, it'll kill him.



Blood on the Blade - A.M. Yates.jpg

Blood on the Blade

First Edition: October 2, 2018


It wasn’t enough that Aes’s evil sorcerer of a brother imprisoned him in Nebraska for the last hundred years. No. He had to curse Aes too, magically binding him to a girl who wants to kill him. 


Now all Aes wants is to get away from magic for good.


First though, he has to break the curse. That’s the only reason he’s traveling to Horizon Island, Maine. Not to close the breach between worlds. Not to save the mages there who are slowly dying from magical poison. Not to battle shape-shifting monsters. And definitely not to be a hero.


But when magic threatens to overtake the mortal world, will Aes join the fight, even if it means giving up his dreams of freeing himself from magic for good? 


Guardian 900.jpg

The Guardian and

The Queen

First Edition: April, 28th 2020

Olli Speare has been waiting and searching for someone to open a door to the parallel world of Horizon. Someone who can take her to Brend, her long lost love. And now, after two years, she’s found that someone—Aes. A former keeper from Horizon who’s been trapped in a magical prison for the last century.

But she’s not the only one who’s been waiting. 


The former Queen of the Iron Gate has been biding her time, too. She also needs someone to open the door back to Horizon. Then she can join her husband on the path to becoming a god. When Aes and his friends arrive, she’s one step closer to achieving her goal and ultimate power.


Aes knows everyone is counting on him, but he doesn’t see himself as a hero. And he has no idea how to open the door to Horizon or if he even can without the former Guardian, Trea. She’s dead, or at least, he thinks she is. Even if he can open the door, he’s not convinced he should. Olli reassures him she can keep the Queen from crossing through the door back to Horizon, but Aes isn’t convinced. The last thing he wants is to help another sorcerer gain more power.


Save Brend. Stop the Queen. The wait is over.


Sparrow and the Dagger
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