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YA Urban Fantasy Romance


Minor Gods Summoners Book One
Minor Gods

Summoners Book One

She was the chosen one… until she wasn’t.


Josie Day is destined to lead the Core—a secret network of summoners who use ancient masks to channel the powers of the elemental gods. And she’s spent her entire life in rigorous preparation.


But the gods have other plans.

When her mother is murdered by a terrifying earth summoner, the destiny meant to be Josie’s passes to her younger sister instead. Worse, the murderer escapes.

All Josie wants is justice. But her sister is breaking under her new power. The Core is falling into chaos. A mysterious fire summoner is igniting feelings she’s never experienced before. And her battle to find her mother’s murderer is leading her into a war she never prepared to fight.


Josie Day has a destiny, but will she survive long enough to what it truly is?

Breathtaking magic, an iron-willed heroine, simmering romance—Minor Gods is a gripping, utterly original YA urban fantasy.

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Lost Gods

Summoners Book Two


She thought she had nothing left to lose...


Lost her mother. Lost her home. Lost her destiny.


Now, Josie Day is about to lose the one bright light that has kept her from plunging into total darkness—a summoner hidden behind a mask of fire.


Although she unmasked her mother’s murderer, revealing the traitor within her tribe, the threats keep coming.


Her new power is linked to a forbidding prophecy. Death lurks in every pathway. A wolf prowls the city streets.


As Josie struggles to find her way in her new home, her new life, and her new destiny, she will finally uncover another face shrouded behind the mask of a god.


And she will lose even more.

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Fated Gods

Summoners Book Three


Josie's back. And there's going to be trouble. 


Josie Day thought she knew who she was. Then her mother was murdered, and Josie's destiny passed to her sister.


Now, Josie’s sister is dying, overwhelmed by a power she was never prepared to assume. 


The Earth Goddess is set on destroying humanity, and she’s succeeding.


A traitor turns up where Josie least expects.


And the one soul who could ignite her to fight for her sister, her tribe, and all of humanity is gone.


Everyone knows the Fates demand a price, and Josie is prepared to pay.

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