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YA Urban Fantasy 


Stealer:  Stealer #1 YA Urban Fantasy A.M. Yates

Stealer #1


A Thief. A Portal. A New World. But can she get back home again?

Home alone over spring break, Dee looks forward to a week free from worries about her sliding grades, her lack of friends, and her mom’s overbearing boyfriend. But when she chases a thief out of her house, she ends up with a whole new set of troubles . . . in a whole new world. The Crescent. Where everyday objects possess extraordinary power. Where countless other worlds are mere steps away. And where the High Minister has a plan for a greater future . . . that Dee really didn’t mean to screw up. Really.

Pursued by masked hunters, all Dee wants is to get back home again. Yet her every move only entangles her deeper in the fantastic and dangerous new world of the Crescent. 

Hunter:  Stealer Book #2 YA Urban Fantasy A.M. Yates

Stealer #2


A Hunter Always Finds His Scout.

A year ago, Dee traveled to another world--the Crescent--and left it in ruins.

She swore she'd never go back.

In the aftermath of their society's collapse, Hunter and Crystal have been forced into hiding. But when a new faction rises to seize control of the Crescent, the threat to Hunter and Crystal becomes dire.

And there's only one person who can help them.

But for Hunter, convincing Dee to return isn't the hardest part... The hardest part is fighting his desire for her to stay.

Unraveler: Stealer Book #3 YA Urban Fantasy A.M. Yates

Stealer #3


Little Scout, Little Scout... Time to Come out

The godlike Higher Order has decreed that Dee, and her new powers, are a threat. 


For her own protection, she’s put into a deep slumber and hidden.


But when she wakes, she finds herself in a nightmare. Years have passed. Relentless monsters roam the Crescent. Her friends, what remains of them, are fighting for their lives—and losing.


To save them, Dee must traverse to worlds only dreamt of and confront her own terrifying power. 


In doing so, she’ll finally be forced to ask the questions she’s most feared. Who is she? A human? A scout? Or… something else? And what happens when she lets the Unraveler out?

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