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The Guardian and The Queen

The Horizon Cycle #5

Olli Speare has been waiting and searching for someone to open a door to the parallel world of Horizon. Someone who can take her to Brend, her long lost love. And now, after two years, she’s found that someone—Aes. A former keeper from Horizon who’s been trapped in a magical prison for the last century.

But she’s not the only one who’s been waiting. 


The former Queen of the Iron Gate has been biding her time, too. She also needs someone to open the door back to Horizon. Then she can join her husband on the path to becoming a god. When Aes and his friends arrive, she’s one step closer to achieving her goal and ultimate power.


Aes knows everyone is counting on him, but he doesn’t see himself as a hero. And he has no idea how to open the door to Horizon or if he even can without the former Guardian, Trea. She’s dead, or at least, he thinks she is. Even if he can open the door, he’s not convinced he should. Olli reassures him she can keep the Queen from crossing through the door back to Horizon, but Aes isn’t convinced. The last thing he wants is to help another sorcerer gain more power.


Save Brend. Stop the Queen. The wait is over.

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